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on a voluntary base, FWB members support one or more underprivileged families with clean, healthy, safe and cheap cooking. Your support gives them access to a Clean Cookstove, to prevent them to having to cook on paraffin, open fire or charcoal and expose themselves and their children to the killer in the kitchen; the toxic smoke (or HAP: Household Air Pollution) from which more people die than from AIDS en Malaria combined (4.3 million per year)

Support underprivileged families with clean cook stoves!

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Food With Benefits Membership to support Clean Cooking

Our mission: Clean Cooking

Worldwide almost 500 people die every hour, 4.3 million every year, from inhaling toxic smoke caused by their cooking on kerosine or charcoal. We support projects for Clean Cooking, providing a solution for this killer in the kitchen. Money raised by FWB members and activities help to distribute clean cookstoves and saves lives of women and children around the world.

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