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24 Michelin Star Chefs share their achievements, dreams and inspiration

De gezonde Bourgondiër - Jacinta Bokma - €22,99
Borreltijd - Susan Aretz €20,99
Simpel - Ottolenghi - €29,95
Dosia Bakt Vegan - 

Dosia Brewer - €29,99

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'What's cooking in Urban Africa?'

FWB's ambassador and the Australian Michelin starred Chef Alan Wise travelled through Africa with Slum Dwellers International (SDI), searching for cooking wisdom in the continent's dynamic urban slums. 
Together, SDI and Alan organized clean cooking competitions to raise awareness around clean cooking in cities across Africa. From these competitions, Alan learned recipes, techniques and secrets that he could never have learned from a book. In this cookbook, Alan adapts and shares recipes and stories from these beautiful communities. We hope you enjoy!

It cooks so quick and efficient, it saves me a lot of time

Food With Benefits Bhulishwa Review
Bhulishwa - Houtbay

My clothes don's smell of paraffin anymore, so people don't judge me of being poor

Food With Benefits Nousi Review
Nousi - Imizamo Yethu

I love my clean cookstove, it works well!

Food With Benefits Lunghi Review
Lunghi - Khayelitsha