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Food with Benefits

Conscious cooks and food lovers support clean and safe cooking projects in underprivileged areas in the world


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4.3 million

deaths by inhaling toxic cooking smoke

1 billion+

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Culinary projects support clean cooking

Inhaling toxic smoke while cooking on kerosene or open fire, causes 4,3 million deaths per year in underprivileged areas throughout the world.
That's more than all victims dying from AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis.

Food With Benefits raises funds for clean cooking projects, providing  alternative ways for clean cooking without toxic smoke. Healthier, safer, cheaper and more sustainable for the environment.

Cool culinary projects for everyone who loves cooking and enjoying food.

Be part of a global community of culinary aficionados and meet the pros, enjoy benefits and likeminded people and at the same time support clean and safe cooking for the underprivileged.

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Food With Benefits Mission Clean Cooking

Our mission: Clean Cooking

Worldwide almost 500 people die every hour, 4.3 million every year, from inhaling toxic smoke caused by their cooking on kerosine or charcoal. We support projects for Clean Cooking, providing a solution for this killer in the kitchen. Money raised by FWB members and activities help to distribute clean cookstoves and saves lives of women and children around the world.

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